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Digital Art
15 mins
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Hardware for computer art

In this lesson we will learn about the various hardware tools used in computer and digital art.

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1 - What is digital art hardware?

Digital art hardware is made up of all the tools and devices that artists use to make digital art. These tools include things like graphics tablets, digital cameras, extra storage, screens, and special pens.

Each tool has its own cool features and works differently. Artists choose the tool that works best for them and their art. 

2 - Computers

Creating digital art requires a special tool: a computer. A computer is a must-have for digital artists because it's where they do all their digital art magic! With a computer, artists can use special software to make and edit their digital art.

Whether you want to create drawings, paintings, animations, or any other kind of digital art, you'll need a computer to get started. Having a computer makes it easier to create digital art and opens up a whole world of creative possibilities. So, if you're interested in digital art, make sure you have a computer!

And by computer we mean either:

  • A PC or laptop
  • A tablet
  • A smartphone

3 - Inputs

A computer mouse or trackpad and a stylus are two things that artists use to create digital art. A mouse or trackpad lets you move the cursor on the screen and make changes to your digital art. Styluses are special pens that make it easier to draw on a graphics tablet.

Using a mouse or trackpad is like using a regular mouse, but for digital art. Styluses are like regular pens, but they're used on a special tablet to create digital art. When you use a stylus, you can draw and paint right on the screen, just like you would with a pen and paper. This makes it feel more natural and lets you be more creative.

4 - Other hardware

Some other pieces of hardware that are often needed for digital art are:

Digital cameras are a type of hardware that artists can use to capture images that can be used as reference material or source images for digital art. Digital cameras come in many shapes and sizes and allow artists to capture high-quality images that can be used in their digital art projects.

Storage devices, such as external hard drives, are also important in digital art. They provide a convenient way to store large amounts of digital data, including digital art files. This allows artists to keep their digital art safe and easily accessible, even when they are working on different computers.

Monitors are used to display digital images and artwork. They come in a variety of sizes and resolutions and allow artists to see their digital art in detail. Monitors can also be used to preview digital art projects, adjust colors, and make other important edits.

These pieces of hardware all play an important role in the digital art process and help artists to create and display their digital art in the best possible way. Whether an artist is capturing images, storing digital art files, or previewing their work, these tools are essential to the creative process.

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