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Coding Basics
60 mins
50 points
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An Introduction to Coding

Dive into the fascinating world of coding! Understand what coding is, why it's important and where it's used in our world today.
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1 - What is Coding?

Ever played a video game or used a computer and wondered how they respond to your actions? This magic happens through coding.

Coding is the language that instructs digital devices. Like a recipe in cooking, coding provides computers with a set of instructions. You're essentially writing steps for the computer. These can range from simple commands like 'move forward' to intricate decisions and calculations.

In coding, you craft 'programs' which are sequences of commands that guide computers in their tasks.

2 - Why is Coding Important?

Coding is the skill used to create computer software, apps, websites, video games, and even control robots. Without coding, all the technological things you love would not exist. But why is coding so important? Let's dive deeper.

The Magic Behind Modern Technology
Firstly, coding is the backbone of many of the technologies we use today. From the smartphone in your hand to the video games you play, and even the websites you browse, coding is the magic behind it all. It's the language that tells these technologies what to do and how to function.

A Valuable Skill in Today's Job Market
Secondly, coding is a highly sought-after skill in today's job market. Many industries, not just the tech industry, are looking for people who can code. Whether it's data analysis, artificial intelligence, or web development, coding skills are in high demand.

Enhancing Problem-Solving and Logical Thinking
Lastly, coding helps improve problem-solving and logical thinking skills. When you code, you're often tasked with finding efficient solutions to complex problems. This requires a lot of critical thinking and logic, skills that are valuable in many areas of life.

3 - Coding Languages

Computers, like humans, use different languages for communication. Each language has its own rules, or syntax, for giving instructions. Some are intricate, while others, like Scratch, are simpler and beginner-friendly.

In this course, we'll explore Scratch, a visual, block-based coding language. Instead of typing, you'll drag and drop command blocks, making coding intuitive and reducing errors.

Scratch is just the beginning. Other languages like Python, used for data analysis; JavaScript, for interactive websites; and HTML/CSS for web design await you. As you progress, you'll unlock new coding languages. But for now, let's dive into Scratch to craft stories, games, and animations.

4 - Code all around us

Consider why coding is important. Think about the different devices and applications you use every day that are made with code. This could be your smartphone, video games, websites, or even your microwave.

How do you think coding was involved in their creation? Thinking about this could help you understand the broad applications of coding in our daily lives and to inspire you to learn more about it.

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