Coding Ireland STEM Report 2024 Have Your Say
Scratch Geography
45 mins
230 points
What you need:
  • Computer/laptop

Guess the country (EU)

Create a game where the player has the guess the country from the shape of the country on the map. This project uses the European Union countries.

1 - Create a Scratch project

Go to the website and create a new Scratch project. Delete the cat sprite.

In this project we will create a game where a random EU country shape will appear and the players needs to guess which one it is.

2 - Add the EU Countries sprite

Included with this step is a sprite file called "EU Countires.sprite3". Download this file to your computer and then upload it into your project as a new sprite.

This file has 26 costumes, each with a different country shape.

Add the following code to put it in the middle and hide it for the start of the game.

when green flag clicked go to x (0) y (0) hide

3 - Create a 'countries' list

We will need a list with all the EU countries that are possible answers. Create a new list called countries and then add the following new code to set it up for the start of the game. Make sure you spell the countries correctly as they'll be used for the answers.

Tip: copy and paste the names to save some time.

when green flag clicked go to x (0) y (0) hide // add new code under here delete all of [countries v] add [Austria] to [countries v] add [Belgium] to [countries v] add [Bulgaria] to [countries v] add [Croatia] to [countries v] add [Cyprus] to [countries v] add [Czech Republic] to [countries v] add [Denmark] to [countries v] add [Estonia] to [countries v] add [Finland] to [countries v] add [France] to [countries v] add [Germany] to [countries v] add [Greece] to [countries v] add [Hungary] to [countries v] add [Ireland] to [countries v] add [Italy] to [countries v] add [Latvia] to [countries v] add [Lithuania] to [countries v] add [Luxembourg] to [countries v] add [Netherlands] to [countries v] add [Poland] to [countries v] add [Portugal] to [countries v] add [Romania] to [countries v] add [Slovakia] to [countries v] add [Slovenia] to [countries v] add [Spain] to [countries v] add [Sweden] to [countries v]

4 - Create a 'play round' custom block

We will need a custom block that will run the code for playing one round of the game. Create a custom block called 'play round'.

And then add the play round block underneath the add Sweden to [countries] block.

define play round add [Sweden] to [countries v] play round

5 - Create some variables

We will need 3 variables to store some information whilst the game is being played. Create the following 3 variables:

  1. score - this will store the players score.
  2. item number - this will store a random number for an item in the countries list.
  3. selected country - this will store the selected country to show in a round.

You can hide the list and the variables by unchecking them in the toolbox. If you want leave the 'score' variable showing so the player can see their current score.

At the start of the game we want the score to start at 0 so add a set [score] to 0 block under the when clicked block.

when green flag clicked set [score v] to (0) // add this block hide go to x (0) y (0)

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