Coding Ireland STEM Report 2024 Have Your Say
Robotics Sensors & Circuits
20 mins
55 points
What you need:
  • Microbit
  • Moisture sensor
  • Phillips Screwdriver

Build your Soil Moisture Kit

The Microbit Soil Moisture Kit attaches to your Microbit. Here are the instructions for building them.

1 - What you need

You will need the following:

  1. Your Microbit Soil Moisture Kit
  2. A Microbit
  3. A Phillps head screwdriver

2 - Open up the package

Open the Microbit Soil Moisture package and take out the contents.

3 - Screw on the Microbit

The board has been designed so that the Microbit can be bolted on using the 3 x M3 nuts and 3 x M3 screws. Place the screws through the P1, 3V and GND holes of the Moisture Sensor and Microbit, then use the M3 nuts to fasten together on the back of Microbit.

That's it, you're done!

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