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Make your own story

Now let's take what we've learned so far about coding stories to create our own story.

1 - Come up with your story

Take some time to think about your story. Where and when does it take place and what characters are in it.

Create a new project in Scratch and have a look through the backdrop and sprite libraries to get some ideas.

2 - What is the plot of your story

The plot is the events that happen in your story. Think about the beginning, the middle and the end of your story.

3 - Create your story

Once you have finished coming up with the ideas for your story you can start to create it in Scratch. Think about the code blocks we learned about in the previous lessons about coding stories.

To make a character say something in a speech bubble:

say [Hello!] for (2) seconds

To change the scene:

switch backdrop to (Space v)

To hide or show a character:

hide show

To pause or delay for a number of seconds:

wait (2) seconds

To broadcast a message:

broadcast (message1 v)

To do something when you receive a message:

when I receive (message1 v)

4 - Try some new blocks

If you are feeling adventurous, try out some new blocks! Here's some other blocks that are useful for coding stories.

This is like the say Hello! for 2 secs block but it makes a thought bubble instead of a speech bubble:

think [Hmmmm..] for (2) seconds

This changes the costume of your sprite:

switch costume to (running v)

These change the size of your sprite:

change size by (10) set size to (100) %

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