Coding Ireland STEM Report 2024 Have Your Say
30 mins
170 points
What you need:

How to code a story

We've all read stories before and even come up with our own, but how do you code a story in Scratch? In this lesson we go through what you need to know.

1 - New project in Scratch

For this lesson we're going to create a simple baseball story to help us understand the different story telling things we can do in Scratch.

Open the Scratch website and create a new project. Delete the cat sprite.

2 - Setting

The first thing to think about for a story is the "when" and the "where", this is called the setting.

In Scratch we use the backdrop to set the scene. Add the "Baseball 2" backdrop to your project.

3 - Characters

After setting the scene we now need to add the characters that are in our story.

Add the "Pitcher" and the "Batter" sprites to your project from the sprite library.

4 - Plot

The plot is the events that happen in our story. You can split a plot into the beginning, the middle and the end.

In our baseball story the plot will be:

The characters joke with each other.

The pitcher throws the ball and the batter hits it

The ball is seen flying through the air and then space!

5 - The pitcher speaks

The pitcher is going to start our story off by saying "Here comes the speed!"

Add the following code to the Pitcher sprite:

when green flag clicked go to x: (-150) y: (0) // this puts him in the correct position say [Here comes the speed!] for (2) seconds

Click on the green flag to test your code.

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