Coding Ireland STEM Report 2024 Have Your Say
Scratch Geography
45 mins
155 points
What you need:
  • Computer/laptop

Where I've Been

In this project you will place a flag in all the different places that you've been in Ireland or in the world!

1 - Create a new Scratch project

We've created a starter project that has a map of Ireland and a map of the world. Open this starter project by clicking on the following link:

2 - Add the Green Flag sprite

Add the sprite called 'Green Flag' from the sprite library.

3 - Create a Red Flag costume

We now need to create an extra costume for this sprite, a version of it that is a red flag.

Duplicate the Green Flag costume and then use the paint bucket tool to change the colour of the flag red.

Don't forget to name the new costume 'Red Flag'!

4 - Add the Pen Extension

Add the Pen Extension so that we can use the Pen blocks and then add the following code to the flag sprite to set it up for the start.

when green flag clicked erase all switch costume to (green flag v) set size to (20) %

5 - Move the flag

We're going to give the flag instructions so that it goes to wherever your mouse pointer is. Add the following code underneath the code in the previous step:

when green flag clicked erase all switch costume to (green flag v) set size to (20) % // add the new code under here forever go to (mouse pointer v) end

Test out your code and make sure that the flag is following your mouse pointer!

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