Coding Ireland STEM Report 2024 Have Your Say
60 mins
170 points
What you need:
  • Computer/laptop

Flying Animation

In this lesson we will program a cat to run, jump and fly through the air while background scenery flies by.

1 - Create a new Scratch project

Create a new Scratch project, we will use the cat sprite that's added by default.

2 - Colour the backdrop blue

We're going to colour the backdrop blue to make it appear like the sky.

  1. Click on the backdrop underneath the stage area to select it.
  2. Then click on the 'Backdrops' tab to open the backdrop editor.
  3. Click the 'Conver to Bitmap' button.
  4. Select the paint bucket tool.
  5. Choose a sky blue colour.
  6. Click anywhere on the backdrop and it will change to blue.

3 - Upload and add the ground sprite

At the beginning our cat will be standing on the ground so we need to upload a 'ground' image as a new sprite.

Included with this lesson is a file called 'flan ground.sprite3' that we're going to upload into our Scratch project. Download the file onto your computer and then upload it into your project.

Once you've uploaded it, the new ground sprite appear in the stage area.

4 - Make the cat run

At the start the cat should appear on the left, middle of the stage area so add the following code to the cat:

when green flag clicked go to x [-185] y [0] show go to [front v] layer

We use the show and the go to front blocks as we will be hiding this sprite in a later step and also it needs to appear in front of the ground sprite.

Next program the cat to start running when it is clicked, add the following code to the cat:

when this sprite clicked repeat [50] move [5] steps next costume end hide broadcast [jump v]

We hide this sprite and send a message at the end because we're going to use a different sprite for the flying animation.

5 - Move the ground

To make it look like our cat is jumping in the air, we're going to make the ground start moving down. As the cat will be staying in the same place it will look like it's jumping in the air.

First place the sprite at the correct position for the start, add the following code to the ground sprite:

when green flag clicked go to x [0] y [-30]

Next add the code to move the sprite downwards when it receives the jump message:

when I receive [jump v] repeat [100] change y by [-2] end broadcast [fly v]

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