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The Internet
30 mins
95 points
What you need:

How Does the Internet Work?

In this lesson, you will learn how the Internet works in a fun and simple way, by creating an interactive story about the journey of an email!
Learning Goals Learning Outcomes Teacher Notes

1 - Set the Stage

Imagine you are sending an email to your friend. Let's create a story that shows how your email travels through the Internet to reach your friend's computer.

2 - Introduce Your Characters

These are the main characters of your story and represent the different parts of the Internet that help your email reach its destination.

  • Your computer: The Sender
  • Your friend's computer: The Receiver
  • Email servers: The Post Offices
  • Internet Service Providers (ISPs): The Mail Carriers
  • Routers: The Traffic Controllers

3 - Start the Journey

Begin your story with the Sender (your computer) writing an email to the Receiver (your friend's computer). The Sender needs help from the Mail Carriers (ISPs) and the Post Offices (email servers) to deliver the email.

4 - Visit the Post Office

The Sender sends the email to the Post Office (email server). The Post Office checks the email address to make sure it knows where to send the email. If the address is correct, the Post Office sends the email to the Mail Carrier (ISP) to be delivered.

5 - The Mail Carrier's Journey

The Mail Carrier (ISP) takes the email and starts its journey towards the Receiver. Along the way, the Mail Carrier encounters Traffic Controllers (routers) that help guide it to the right destination.

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