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"Coding helped my class develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. It also encouraged pair work as they helped each other to try new things and find a solution."

Nodlaig Lowe

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"This is a very detailed and well explained course. It starts with complete basics and works up to more difficult concepts, along with guided videos and step by step clips on how to code. Fantastic!"

Megan Ward

Naas CBS

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Coding Ireland run both "in school" and "online" school events that bring the latest in Coding & STEM into your classroom.

Race Autonomous Cars

Race Autonomous Cars

  • 1h 0m
  • In School

Program and race autonomous cars around a track. Which team will set the fastest lap?

Introduction to Coding

Introduction to Coding

  • 1h 0m
  • Online

Learn what coding is and how we can use it to creates games and different projects.

Make an Arcade Game

Make an Arcade Game

  • 1h 0m
  • In School

Use coding to create an arcade game that students can play on handheld computers.

Introduction to Coding

Introduction to Coding

  • 2h 0m
  • In School
Learn what coding is and how it is used in the world. Create your first game in code.
Robot Football

Robot Football

  • 2h 0m
  • In School

Learn about robotics and program robots to play a football game against an artificial intelligence program.

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What's Happening Right Now
  • FindlayFitz
    5 hours ago
    Step completed 😃
    Completed the step What is Scratch? from the Scratch Tutorial project.
  • Tobby
    6 hours ago
    Step completed 😃
    Completed the step Switch to the world map from the Where I've Been project.
  • CI_pmb22
    6 hours ago
    Step completed 😃
    Completed the step Challenge! from the Sound effects project.
  • edg123
    7 hours ago
    Step completed 😃
    Completed the step Stop the beetle going through the walls from the Maze Game project.
  • Vinwin
    9 hours ago
    Project completed 👏
    Completed the JavaScript Variables project.
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